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Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Fitness, Performance, Training

About Us 

Complete Athlete is a fitness and sports performance training center in Spokane Valley.  Our passion is to help people of all walks/ages develop their inner “athlete”.  Simply put, nearly every human being has movement issues that diminish their quality of life, possibly jeopardize health, and prevent optimal performance.  Complete Athlete deploys a joint by joint methodical and science-based approach that individually addresses the needs of each person.  We progressively build stability, flexibility, power and strength with all of our clients.  Our athletes receive world-class coaching, training programs and assessments specific to the demands of their specific sport. 

Complete Athlete offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training, reconditioning and fitness training in the Spokane area. Our results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss or a healthier lifestyle.