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Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Contact us: | 509-808-2716

Nutrition & Healthy Choices


Jolene Fisher is a mother of 3 and a wife to East Valley head football coach, Adam Fisher. She lives in Spokane, WA and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Master's Degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science.  She has most recently received her Holistic Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has also been with the company Isagenix for over 6 years now and enjoys mixing the amazing products of Isagenix with her Health Coaching practice so that she can provide high quality products at wholesale pricing for her customers.  These products, along with her high level coaching, is yielding great results in weight loss, increased energy, better performance for her athletes and quality supplements for her aging population.  She enjoys working with motivated individuals who are ready for big changes in their life.  Jolene is excellent at listening to the needs of her clients and understanding where they need to be pushed.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve tried to change one or more areas of your life and failed. So often, we want to make changes to our own behavior but lack the resolve to see them through. We can’t seem to summon the necessary willpower to take on huge challenges like losing weight, getting to the gym, facing the problems in our relationships, organizing our life or doing that ONE thing everyday that will bring you more peace or more money. What if the giving up on those things could be linked back to several areas of your life that are influencing your behavior?  It turns out that willpower isn’t the only factor that determines whether or not we’ll be successful in our individual change efforts.  Jolene's coaching doesn’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution to your challenges. Instead, it shows you how to tailor a handful of simple strategies so that you can create your own health success story.The tools she uses can be passed on to any problem or new goal! The magic happens when the clients finally see clearly what is holding them back and when given the accountability and coaching they need along with the right strategy, they have success.  Their belief in their ability to move forward in life has increased significantly, to the point where they no longer need a coach.